FMCG, Banking, Financial Services, Education, Entertainment, RealEstate, Advertising, Marketing, Media, E-Commerce & More..

1. Advertising:

Now with every advertiser’s eyes being focused on results, missec call alerts Services is the most powerful choice for communicating….just about anything. A whole lot of branding exercises can be done via messaging, with measurable response rates. MCA based voting, polling and contests get you instant responses and effectiveness. Further the responses garnered can be used as a potent data base for future uses too.

2. FMCG:

  1. In FMCG Industries scenario, MCA Services is a direct tool for updating information about product innovations and happenings to customers, dealers and vendors and empowering all stake holders to fetch desired information on the run.

3. Banking:

New-age banking facilities meant banking via internet, emails, and telephone and the customer is constantly updated by informations. MCA Service is the solution. Connecting with your customers becomes easy, updates to new scheme introductions to branch openings or foreign exchange rates,etc all take on a new dimension.

4. Education:

  1. With the advance education institutions across India, to keep pace with demand, education is a highly evolving industry.Today, educational institutions and colleges have to communicate with potential students, current students, as well as teachers, administrators and employees.Our MCA Service to be communicated are as diverse as they are direct and speed is of the essence.

5. Real Estate:

Highly effective lead generation through reply number facility. Real Estate agents can send information regarding new properties, space availability as per customer’s requirement.

6. Media & Entertainment:

This industry comprises Movies, Television, Radio, Home Entertainment, Games and Mobile.Advertising new movies, promos, events and programs are a marketing challenge in itself.MCA Service is the best way to get your target audience, by personally providing details of everything including news, new events and programs etc.

7. E- Commerce:

MCA Service provides and very good platform for online portals and ecommerce companies to provide technologically advanced and economically feasible SMS services to satisfy & surpass customer.

8. Marketing:

There are many tactical methods for marketing but Our MCA Service is a very powerful tool for Lead generation.